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Surefire Torches, Surefire LED Torches, Surefire Knives, Surefire Accessories

Surefire are the world leaders in torch technology, continually raising the standard of torch design and function. They produce the world's finest compact high-intensity flashlights for outdoors, self-defense, military, law enforcement, and general applications. The beams produced by Surefire torches do not suffer from bright spots or rings like many other torch brands do. With Surefire you get a flawless smooth beam.

Surefire V2 Vampire Dual-Spectrum LED Torch     [ V2-BK ] -  [  K1-C6  ]

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Surefire V2 Vampire Dual-Spectrum IR LED Torch

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Features and Specification

Surefire V2 Vampire Dual-Spectrum IR LED Torch
Part Number: V2-BK
High Output
Intrared (IR)
150 lumens
120 mW
Low Output
Infrared (IR)
10 lumens
10 mW
High Beam - White
High Beam - Infrared (IR)
1.8 hours
8 hours
Low Beam - White
Low Beam Infrered (IR)
6 hours
with batteries
5.7 ounces / 161 g
Bezel Diameter1.37 inch / 34.73mm
Length5.7 inches / 144.7mm
Batteries (included)Two 123A Lithium
All Surefire torches are supplied with battery/batteries


The V2 is a dual-output flashlight that provides both white light and infrared output—with no need for an IR filter. It uses a virtually indestructible power-regulated white/infrared LED assembly and a precision Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens. In white light mode, the tactically correct two-stage pushbutton tailcap switch lets you instantly select an output level: press for a 10-lumen long-runtime low beam suitable for general night use; press further for a 150-lumen white spot beam—over three times the light of a big two-D-cell flashlight, and more than enough light to temporarily blind and disorient an aggressor by impairing his night-adapted vision; twist for constant-on low beam, twist further for constant-on high beam. A push-twist on the V2's self-locking selector ring lets you switch to infrared mode, where the tailcap switch again lets you instantly select output levels—press for a 10-milliwatt low beam, press further for a 120-milliwatt high beam, twist for constant-on at either level.

  • White and infrared output from one all-LED head, no IR filter needed
  • Virtually indestructible LED emitters regulated to maximize output and runtime
  • Two output levels—high for maximum light, low for extended runtime
  • TIR lens produces tight beam with enough surround light for peripheral vision
  • Coated tempered window resists impact, maximizes light
  • High-strength aerospace aluminum body, Mil-Spec hard-anodized for extreme durability
  • Two-stage tactical tailcap switch—press for momentary-on low, press further for high, twist for constant-on at either level
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel clip provides multiple carry options
  • Weatherproof O-ring and gasket sealing
  • Includes high-energy 123A batteries with 10-year shelf life
Buyers Guide Recommended...

The K2 Kroma is recommended in the Mind Your Fingers Surefire Buyers Guide within these categories:

Torches for Work:  N/A
Torches for Activity: Backpacking and Camping | Fishing & Hunting
Torches by Feature: Extended Runtime | LED | Variable / Dual Light Output

Latest Surefire News...

2nd Apr 08 Highly anticipated Surefire UA2 Optimus now available for pre-order, expected May/Jun 08
25th Mar 08 New 2008 Surefire models now available for pre-order
12th Mar 08 Surefire E1B Backup now in stock! 80 lumen, Dual Output and TIR lens in a tiny torch
24th Aug 07 Surefire launches LED version of the 6P Original - destined to be a best seller
24th Aug 07 LED version of the G2 Nitrolon released - Quality LED at a low price
8th May 07 6P with Defender characteristics is released - the original Surefire gets crenelated
11th Jan 07 SureFire Unveils Higher-Output Version of Popular G2 Flashlight - The 9v G3 is here!
14th Nov 06 SureFire’s Kroma wins National Geographic "Best of Adventure" Gear Award!

Batteries for this Surefire Torch
Surefire 123A Lithium Battery - 2 Pack            [ K2-G1 ]

Surefire Batteries - 123A Lithium Battery - 2 Pack

Compatible with: All 123A Lithium torches, SC1, SC2 & SC3 Spares Carriers
Optimized for use in SureFire flashlights, SureFire Lithium batteries pack ...
Large Image Here  


Surefire 123A Lithium Battery - 12 Pack            [ L3-E7 ]

Surefire Batteries - 123A Lithium Battery - 12 Pack

Compatible with: All 123A Lithium torches, SC1, SC2 & SC3 Spares Carriers
Optimized for use in SureFire flashlights, SureFire Lithium batteries pack ...
Large Image Here  


For larger quantities of 123A lithium batteries please see the Surefire Batteries page.

Accessories for this Surefire Torch
Surefire SC3 Spares Carrier                [  J1-E5 ]

Surefire SC3 Spares Carrier

Compatible with: MN01,MN02,MN03,MA02
Securely holds four Lithium 123A batteries plus a lamp assembly. ...
Large Image Here  


Kroma: The Worlds most Technologically Advanced Flashlight

Who needs a flashlight that produces three seperate colours of high quality LED light, each with dual output levels? The better question is, who wants a high-tech illumination tool that does the work of six seperate flashlights, fits in your pocket, endures abuse from Mother Nature and insensitive owners, and weighs in at barely over 5 ounces?

You can put your hand down now.

The state of the art Kroma was developed as part of a collaborative project for DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) to supply US forces with high-performance flashlights in the field. The Kroma's main LED throws out enough TIR lens-focused white light to temporarily blind or disable the night-adapted vision of a foe. Its red and blue secondary LEDs are perfect for preserving the night-adapted vision during tasks requiring minimal light, such as reading maps, tracking or navigating trails - without disturbing wildlife if you use red (many wild animals cant see light in the red portion of the spectrum). But no matter what the task, if you decide its time for a different color or a higher or lower output level, just twist the no-look selector ring or press down on the tailcap to instantly change your perspective.

So who needs a Kroma? Only those who want one of finest, most versatile pieces of handheld technology in the world.

What goes into a Surefire LED Torch

There is a lot of buzz about light emitting diodes (LEDs) and for a good reason. LEDs allow runtimes that were previously unattainable on a single set of batteries. When it comes to longevity, they are in a class by themselves, the thousands-of-hours class. That is because they are a solid state device, no filament to burn out or break, no gas or liquid components, no glass to break. Just a semiconductor chip that converts electrical energy into light, which it disperses through a tough, clear polymer covering.

LED output levels are approaching, even surpassing in some cases, those of incandescents. But for raw lighting power, Surefire’s three, four and six battery incandescents are still the way to go. However, and incandescent lamp becomes particularly useless if the power level drops below the amount of energy required to make its filament glow white hot. An LED, on the other hand, continues to function at power levels below its maximum output level. Which means an LED will continue to run – albeit at lower and lower output levels. So you get more useful light for a longer period of time with an LED flashlight than with an incandescent.

Not all LEDs are created equal. They can vary greatly in quality, even supposedly identical LEDs made at the same facility. Surefire uses only the finest, highest quality LEDs in its illumination tools. They are electronically controlled for maximum efficiency, focused by a reflector or Total Internal Reflection lens for a perfect beam, and housed in a rugged, weatherproof, knurled aerospace grade aluminium body that keeps the elements out and your flashlight in hand.

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